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Periods just aren’t talked about – especially at work. Instead, there is a culture of stigma and non-disclosure, resulting in a cycle of silence around menstruation that leaves people feeling unsupported.

A massive 89% – the overwhelming majority – of people who menstruate have experienced anxiety or stress in the workplace because of their period. And, when this same group of people were asked what their employers could do to help, 63% said: normalise the conversation around periods in the workplace. (Source: Bloody Good Employers).

Starting with a conversation

Anna (Senior Designer) and Sadie (Senior Art Director) were chatting about how their periods affected their creativity. Yet they still didn’t feel comfortable being so open with all of their colleagues.

Whether boosted or bloated, the impact the menstrual cycle can have on mental and physical well-being, and on workplace well-being, is often hugely underestimated. So, we kickstarted a campaign to help change workplace culture, make periods better understood and shake off the taboo.


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Spotlighting the lived experience

The stigma around menstrual health comes from a lack of knowledge and understanding, so we set out to fill those gaps.

We started a virtual conversation to get people feeling more comfortable talking about periods – whether they have them or not – spotlighting the lived experience of people with periods to help everyone understand the ups and downs of the menstrual cycle.

We conducted a survey asking 20 people who don’t have periods what questions they had. We then asked 60 people who do have periods to answer them. By keeping all submissions anonymous, we managed to create a collection of honest and insightful responses.

Building knowledge and understanding

To make this Q&A accessible to everyone, we built a website – giving a real glimpse into the period experience both in and out of work. The website includes over 1,000 individual answers and a resource library to help people build more knowledge and understanding around the menstrual cycle.

We collaborated with Bloody Good Period to create an “information corner” accompanying each question, providing context and additional information around the wide-ranging answers.


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Reflecting the flow of the menstrual cycle

The web design features animated, liquid marbling visuals inspired by the flowing nature of the conversations that we hope to inspire, and by the period flow itself. A logo using custom-drawn lettering followed the same visual theme.

The campaign aims to appeal to a wide range of people. With this in mind, we deliberately used non-gendered colours. We omitted pink and red, which are typically associated with periods. With women’s hormones changing each week of the month, the menstrual cycle is about more than just the period itself. We want to inspire conversations that go beyond the blood.

Our chosen colour palette is inspired instead by how the four phases of the menstrual cycle feel, with bright and illuminating tones to reflect conversation about each.


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A Nice Works project
The Period Conversation is our latest ‘Nice Works’ project, which encourages the team to explore creative solutions around social issues that we care about. These are self-initiated and self-run passion projects, completed around client work


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