An animation that uses humour to spread awareness


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Nice and Serious

Touch Yourself

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Many women don’t know how to check for breast cancer signs. And online resources tend to be either pretty but pointless or beneficial but boring. Touch Yourself was a passion project which brought the best of both worlds to the table, in a fun format that uses humour instead of fear.


We were surprised by how many women didn’t know how to check for breast cancer signs. As we looked for resources online, we quickly realised that all widely available sources of information could be split into two basic categories - ‘pretty but pointless’ or ‘beneficial but boring’. On top of that, the resources were lacking in the specifics: should you check your underarm? Your chest? Or around the collarbone?

We saw an opportunity to create something quirky that reflected our personalities and helped educate women on how to check for signs of breast cancer.


It was important for us to steer clear of any doom and gloom messages or imagery, as we strongly believe that spreading awareness using humour is much more effective than using fear.

On World Cancer Day, we launched a microsite that gives women instructions on how to check for signs of breast cancer. It features a playful animation and a simple step-by-step guide for anyone to follow.


Since its launch, Touch Yourself has been featured on The Drum, It’s Nice That and Adweek to name a few. The microsite has had over 16,900 visits from people in Italy to India and the US.