Turning 'no' into a heroic act for charity


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Heroes of No

Go Sober for October is a long-running fundraising initiative known by many. So when Macmillan asked us to come up with a new DRTV advert, we got straight to work creating a more positive animation-style and message to increase their number of sign-ups.


‘Go Sober for October’ is a fundraising initiative run by Macmillan Cancer Support that calls on people to abstain from alcohol for a month – and raise money for charity in the process. To help amplify the campaign, Macmillan approached Nice and Serious to create the television advert.


We translated the event’s ‘Soberheroes’ theme into the campaign idea ‘Heroes of No’ – a powerful call to arms that reframes the ‘no moment’ as a heroic act for a great cause. ‘Heroes of No’ takes on the cultural stigma surrounding the choice to not drink in social situations, poking fun at the absurdity of the dreaded ‘no moment’ in a way that is lighthearted and relatable. The abstract illustration style dials up the fun, using exaggerated character movements to achieve an aesthetic that is both humorous and eye catching.


The ad is airing across ITV, C4 and Sky throughout September, in the run up to ‘Go Sober for October’. At the time of writing, the campaign has already attracted 30,000+ sign ups and has so far raised £297k for Macmillan Cancer Care.