A documentary raising awareness of the Internet of Things


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Internet of Things Around Us

IoTUK is a programme funded by Digital Catapult and Future Cities Catapult, that aims to increase the understanding of the Internet of Things - any object connected to the internet. They came to us to develop a documentary to highlight the exciting work they're doing and frame the UK as leaders in the field.


We were commissioned by IoTUK to produce a documentary that highlights the exciting work being conducted at the University of Lancaster and unpick some of the complexities of their research and make it easily digestible to a wider audience. To do this we relied on animated sequences within the video to allow us to simplify some of the more conceptual thinking.


The key challenge of this project was trying to simplify the complex themes and ideas that the research team at Lancaster were covering. An informed audience are able to quickly understand the principles of speculative design and product constellations. However, a “colder” audience certainly would not. Using the interview content we set about finding sections of the film that would be impossible to illustrate with filmed footage, as it is purely conceptual in nature. Animation allowed us to illustrate these key points and by using metaphor we were able to simplify them.