A film focusing on fatherhood


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Nice and Serious

Being a Dad

For Father's Day, we decided to make a film exploring fatherhood in a very personal way.


Everyone has an idea about what it takes to be a great dad; being able to put up a shelf, cooking a BBQ, playing footy with their son. But is this really what being a good father is all about? Is there more to being a dad than being a physical role model? What happens when a father can’t do everything that’s expected of him?


For father’s day, we decided to make a film that would explore fatherhood in a very personal way, focusing on the unique father-son relationship that has tested a father’s strength to the limit and proves that there’s more to being a great father than meets the eye. The result is a short documentary that tugs on the heartstrings and breaks down the stereotypes of fatherhood.


The film was distributed online on Father’s day and appeared on several online blogs including It’s Nice That, receiving many comments from viewers on how inspiring they found the story.