Highlighting the rising costs of dementia care


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Alzheimer's Society

The Cost of Dementia Care

People affected by dementia typically spend £100,000 on their own care due to a system that needs an overhaul. Alzheimer’s Society wanted to show what this actually looks like for one particular family, urging people to help them campaign for change.


Most people assume that care for a condition like dementia would be covered by the NHS and state, but that isn’t the case. Over the past two decades, the average cost of a nursing home place has almost doubled, with the typical cost of dementia care totalling around £100,000. Alzheimer’s Society wanted an emotionally stirring and highly shareable animation that would resonate with audiences and show, through the story of a family dealing with the devastating fallout of dementia, its ability to affect anyone at any time.


We wanted to authentically combine a touching, emotional story of a family brought to their knees by dementia with tangible information about the broken care system. We had the opportunity to meet a family affected by dementia and conduct an intimate interview with the dementia patient’s wife and daughter. Despite difficulties we had to get across, it was important that we ended on a hopeful note. We developed a visual metaphor of a lighthouse in the distance that offers a glimmer of hope for the future, for both our characters and families yet to be affected by dementia.


The animation resulted in the highest number of campaigners to ever write to their MP for Alzheimer's Society - totalling over 10,000, and more than 75% of English MPs have been contacted 20 times or more.