Want to be our 2023 Pro Bono Charity Partner?

Let’s be frank: the last few years have been tough for everyone. But, for small charities in particular, the cumulative impact of covid and the cost of living (and giving) is really starting to bite.

Just over a year ago, we decided to offer our creative services to a small, UK-based charity for an entire year – completely free of charge. After reviewing the applications, we chose to partner with Pregnant Then Screwed – a small yet mighty charity fighting to end the Motherhood Penalty.

We loved working with – and learning from – this fearless group of campaigners on our first ever Pro Bono Partnership. As well as developing numerous concepts and assets that demand more rights for parents, we created their ‘Let’s Talk About Six’ campaign, which called for the government to make six weeks of new parent leave the norm.

The partnership was a big, all-round success, and we want to keep it going. So that’s why we’re excited to announce that…

Applications are now open for our 2023 Pro Bono Partnership!

The world doesn’t need more of the same. It needs us all to draw a line in the sand, and back the people fixing things.

The selected charity will get access to our creative expertise for a whole year. This includes:

  • Design: Complex problems don’t always require complicated graphics – just unexpected thinking. Our team of designers translate what makes you different into eye-catching visuals that make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Video: Humans need stories, and we have the in-house skills to bring your brand to life so your audience really feels it.
  • Digital: We create websites and award-winning content that make people demand better.
  • Branding: Whether you're starting from scratch or reaching for a more radical change, we can help you express your brand in a way that makes people pay attention
  • Campaigns: Changing minds means standing out and striking a nerve. From awareness to action, we'll help you cut through and energise your audience.

As a B Corp agency dedicated to producing creative work the world needs, we know we need to get behind the organisations who – bit by bit, action by action – are fighting to fill our world with hope.

We can’t wait to get started with this year’s partner to make those actions matter even more.

If you’re a small, UK-based charity who needs that backing this year, apply now.