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Fashion Footprint Calculator

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Did you know the fashion industry is worse for the planet than air travel? Well, thredUP wanted to air this dirty laundry for all to see. So we helped them create a tool that can calculate a person’s fashion footprint to get people thinking about changing their shopping habits.


The fashion industry is more devastating to the planet than the airline industry. Apparel and footwear accounted for 3,990 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2016 - that’s more than 8% of global climate impact. thredUP, the world's largest online thrift store, asked us to create a tool that calculates a person’s fashion footprint, based on how they shop and take care of their clothes.


The Fashion Footprint Calculator involves answering 12 straightforward questions, like how often you buy new clothes, and whether you buy mostly online or in-store. Next to each question, evidence-based tips are served up to help people reduce their fashion footprint. Designing technical tools that people actually want to spend time on can be tricky. Creating something beautiful and engaging is crucial for grabbing their attention and keeping it. Our playful design for the Fashion Footprint Calculator conjures up a supplementary layer of narrative, captivating the user with an illustration style that lends itself to fun and eye-catching visuals.


The Fashion Footprint Calculator identifies what your personal fashion footprint is and compares this to the national US average, which is 1,620 pounds of carbon a year, to help consumers move toward a more conscious model of clothing consumption.