A bold new identity for a connector of communities



Semble, formerly known as Project Dirt, act as a community connector helping communities to thrive. They came to us looking for a new name and bold new identity to reflect the active, energetic nature of the organisation.


Semble came to us with a fierce belief in the power of community projects to spark a grassroots revolution, and wanted to position themselves as the community connector – helping communities thrive. At the time, they were called Project Dirt and their visual identity linked them closely with outdoor and gardening projects. To widen their appeal, we needed to rename the organisation and deliver a bold new identity.


The new name injects a certain energy to reflect the active nature of the organisation, and hints at the way they help to ‘assemble’ people and projects. This energy flowed through the new tagline, “Come together. Make a change” and the new visual identity. The identity was based around a stencil-like wordmark built up of smaller pieces, linking to the mission of connecting people.