Taking farmers and supporters on a chocolate adventure


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Rainforest Alliance

The Road to Better Beginnings

We helped Rainforest Alliance show cocoa farmers what happens to the crop they’ve put their heart and soul into growing and take their supporters along on the adventure.


After saying goodbye to their cocoa beans at the local farming cooperative, very few cocoa farmers know what happens to the crop that they’ve put their heart and soul into growing. Most have never even tasted chocolate, let alone know where it is sold overseas or how many people take pleasure from eating it. Rainforest Alliance wanted to change this, to give cocoa farmers even more reason to be proud of their product and take their supporters along on the adventure.


When we met our favourite cocoa farmer Adrian on the film 'The Man Behind Your Chocolate', we were shocked to find out he’d never tasted chocolate. After giving him and his family a rather melted sample of the chocolatey goodness, we asked Adrian if he’d like to come to the UK to see how his beans were made into chocolate. Of course, he accepted! So we took Adrian on an adventure from the humid rainforest of the Ivory Coast to the cold streets of London, which gave him the chance to see the ocean, ice skate, and visit a chocolate factory, all for the first time.


The film was released on the Rainforest Alliance’s YouTube channel and distributed via their social media networks. Apart from the huge impact it had on Adrian, giving him endless pride in his work, it also gave viewers a glimpse into the amazing process behind the chocolate we all know and love.