Amplifying the voices of those protecting our forests


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Rainforest Alliance

A Critical Decade

The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organisation working at the intersection of business, agriculture and forests to make responsible business the new normal.

To celebrate their 35th anniversary, they wanted to amplify the voices of the people without whom the alliance wouldn’t be where they are today: women.

We visited the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala to make a film that recognises the incredible women leaders fighting to protect the planet.


For 35 years, the Rainforest Alliance has worked side-by-side with local communities in some of the world’s most important tropical forest landscapes. But the voices, work and stories of those communities – and the women leading them – weren’t being heard widely enough.

As the climate crisis escalates, the next decade will be critical in protecting our biodiversity. In order to move forward and create lasting change, we need to recognise, learn from and amplify the perspectives of those working tirelessly on the front line to nurture our global landscapes.


We travelled to Guatemala's Maya Biosphere Reserve, where 12 communities have been granted the right to make a living from the forest while protecting it.

We met inspiring women leaders and created a film to highlight their incredible achievements. Through their stories, we learn first-hand about their roles in agricultural systems and tackling the climate crisis, as well as the support the Rainforest Alliance has provided them with to strengthen their communities.

Our film also used the organisation’s archive footage from Cameroon, Kenya and Indonesia to reflect the alliance’s global approach.