Helping a local community understand waste


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North London Waste Authority

Have Your Say

The North London Waste Authority wanted to replace the old facility in Edmonton with a modern one. But, they wanted their residents to have a say in the matter, so asked us to create a video to help local people understand how the current facility works and why it needs an upgrade.


For most people what happens after their waste is collected is a mystery. For the residents of North London, the waste that can't be recycled is sent to an ageing energy from waste facility in Edmonton. The North London Waste Authority wants to replace the old facility with a modern one, to cut emissions and generate electricity and hot water for the local community. But they want to make sure local people have a say in the decision-making process.


Working with Copper Consultancy, we produced a short animation to help explain to local residents how the current facility works and the benefits the new facility will provide. It involved explaining how the facility works in a simple way and getting the facts right. We developed an approachable, light-hearted script and combined it with a modular style of animation to keep the audience engaged.


The animation provided NLWA with an engaging communications tool to reach out to local residents. The animation was used as part of an exhibition on the project and also on NLWA's website to provide a quick overview of the plans.