Bringing a sense of adventure to sustainability


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A Lifetime of Adventure

For nearly 70 years, Matchbox has believed in the importance of play as a vehicle to help kids explore the real world around them and shape an appreciation for it. We helped them bring their sustainability commitment 'Driving Toward a Better Future' to life through a new visual identity and animated story.


Matchbox, the iconic toy car brand, set us a challenge: to create a distinctive visual identity for their ambitious sustainability commitment and to tell the story through a playful and adventurous animation.


Sustainability commitments can sometimes get a bit serious. We wanted to make sure that Matchbox’s sustainability commitments ignited the imagination in the same way that playing with toy cars does for kids. So we landed on a creative concept that did just that – A Lifetime of Adventure. We developed a tactile, paper cutout environment that revealed the exciting sustainable world that awaits. We styled the electric hero car, and surrounding landscape with intricacy to reflect Matchbox's focus on recreating reality. The visual identity was rolled out across multiple touchpoints, including their website and product packaging, whilst the animation was featured across Matchbox's social channels.