A not-so-serious animation about being sustainable


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A serious film about sustainability

A not-so-serious animation about innocent's serious promise to become a sustainable business.


Innocent is one of the most beloved B-Corp brands in the world. They're known for their playful irreverence, but they've also made some serious commitments to become a sustainable business - to play their part in tackling the climate crisis. They wanted to tell the story to their customers and get them onboard for the journey. So our challenge was to produce a short animation which clearly communicated their serious commitments, in a way that was distinctly innocent.


We called the concept 'permission to be serious'. We wanted to create a contrast between Innocent's playfulness and the seriousness of the issues they're trying to tackle. We worked closely with Innocent's creative and sustainability teams to develop a short, sharp script that covered off the key points of their commitment, while allowing for plenty of lighthearted asides. We then brought the script to life through a rich, eclectic range of illustrated scenes which helped us deliver a serious message with a smile.