Not too much or too little, but just right


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The Marvellous Middle

We are master consumers. But buying more also means wasting more, harming our health and using up our planet's finite resources. IKEA came to us to help them show customers that making small, sustainable changes could make a positive difference to their everyday lives.


We are consuming an ever-increasing amount of goods we feel we need in order to lead a comfortable life. By wanting more, buying more and ultimately wasting more, we are harming our health and using up our planet’s finite resources. IKEA wanted to show their customers that it was possible to make a positive difference by thinking more sustainably and making small changes to their everyday lives.


IKEA believes that the secret to a happier, more sustainable life at home is to live LAGOM - a Swedish philosophy which is all about striking the right balance. The idea is that we only use what we need. No more, no less. Just the right amount. We created The Marvelous Middle to visualise this simple concept in a fun, engaging way. The succinct and clear script makes the concept and the idea behind it easy to understand and relate to.


IKEA are using the animation as a communication tool to spark interest and drive the audience to find out more about the brilliant work the project has already done. Live Lagom has proven incredibly popular with features in Vogue, Elle Magazine and Ideal Home, amongst others.