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WWF | Nature & Climate Emergency Response Vehicle

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WWF | Nature & Climate Emergency Response Vehicle


WWF is one of the world’s largest independent conservation organisations, active in nearly 100 countries. Their mission is to create a world with thriving habitats and species, and to change hearts and minds so it becomes unacceptable to overuse our planet’s resources. 

This is the first year that WWF have exhibited at both the Labour and Conservative conferences. They asked us to create an immersive experience, capable of connecting with both parties about the biggest crisis of our time.


Political party conferences provide an invaluable opportunity to directly engage politicians and party delegates. We wanted our creative response to emphasise the immediacy of the climate emergency, and inspire MPs to respond with pace to halt the catastrophic loss of nature. 

Competing with hundreds of other organisations for attention, we had to create something bold and unmissable. However it was not enough to simply be loud, it was imperative for the piece to have a clear message, capable of engaging the broad spectrum of political views. 

Using 'emergency response' as our creative starting point, we quickly landed on the concept of building a nature-themed ambulance. Branding it the 'WWF Nature & Climate Emergency Response Vehicle', we were confident that it would draw attention and land our message. 

Sustainability was a priority in the making of the installation, recycled materials were used wherever possible, rather than producing new items. Willow, a sustainable raw material native to the UK, was the main material used to make the vehicle. 

The bold, black walls and clean, confident graphic style provide a striking contrast to the natural textures of the willow, repurposed wood and native ivy which make up the natural aesthetic of the vehicle and foliage, while the bold and striking typography ensures that messaging grabs the attention of passing delegates.

As delegates enter the vehicle, they are invited to listen to the built-in radio, which plays messages from people urging politicians to take action on the climate emergency. The emergency response station was completed with climate first aid tools, which we designed and created to initiate conversations on climate solutions. A defibrillator was there to signal a jumpstart to the economy, and a thermometer was added as a reminder of the 1.5-degree target.


The installation won the coveted ‘Best Stand Design’ at both the Labour and Conservative Party conferences, beating hundreds of other applicants and organisations in the process. It was picked up by The Guardian, The Telegraph, Express, Sky News and even The Daily Mail.

It pulled in a number of key figures from across both parties, including the Secretary of State for Environment, Theresa Villiers; the Secretary of State for International Development, Alok Sharma; the Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry; Labour party activist and comedian, Eddie Izzard; and the Leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn.

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