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The B Team | Rebrand

Giving direction to the future of business

The B Team | Rebrand


Our current economic model is broken. But it did not break itself. And more importantly, it will not repair itself. 

The B Team was created to shift the culture of accountability in business to include not only numbers and performance, but people and planet. It launched as an initiative co-founded by Sir Richard Branson and Jochen Zeitz. Today, B Team is made up of 26 global business leaders, including Arianna Huffington, Ajay Banga and Christiana Figueres.

They tasked us with creating a visual identity that could be compelling enough to unite their business leaders, member organisations and supporters around a shared ambition – and that would be sharp enough to inspire them to act.


The strategy team developed a succinct brand idea that runs throughout the refreshed brand: 'B Team leadership has solid principles, but everything else moves.' Because good leadership is open to questions and encourages collaboration. It is inclusive in nature, and inspires participation. It is dynamic, ever-evolving and at times unpredictable; yet it maintains consistency through a solid foundation: its principles. 

The mark was refreshed by the designers, who finessed the details of the inherently complex logotype, to render it in a bold, clear way that functions at both a large and small scale. 

The old logo featured a long 'gradient arrow' that ran across the length of the logotype. This has been replaced with a simplified icon that acts as a visual manifestation of the brand idea, pointing The B Team's way forward. 

The B Compass was created, a simplified version of the arrow icon from the primary logo. It serves as a visual device that gives hierarchy to the page layouts, guiding the viewer to the most impactful content. 

A layered design system using soft accent colours gives the brand depth and dynamism, highlighting the ever-evolving style of leadership The B Team aims to influence. The use of white space throughout allows elements to breathe and helps the brand feel open and accessible.

We also created a series of icons that depict The B Team's approach. They can be used to bring content to life across The B Team's physical collateral and website – which we also created.


After creating guidelines to help build consistency across the brand, we designed and built a full suite of applications including reports, iconography and The B Team website.

The project was featured by Design Week.

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