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A website that exposes the Ugly truth.

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Ugly | Website


Ugly set up to exposure the ugly truth: that sugar is everywhere. So Ugly developed a great tasting drink, without any of the ridiculous promises and unattainable lifestyles that big drinks brands rely on. Ugly is 100% natural, flavoured water. It contains no sugar, no sweeteners, no calories. Just natural fruit extracts, essential oils and natural aromas. After JKR developed a punchy new brand, Ugly asked Nice and Serious to make their digital home.


Working alongside JKR, we designed and developed Ugly’s new website. Built on the Shopify ecommerce platform, the website amplified Ugly’s purpose, while helping to drive sales. To communicate Ugly’s personality loud and clear, we made the most of the brand’s bold colours and illustrations. We also focussed on making micro-interactions as playful as possible, to really bring the Ugly brand to life.   


The website took Ugly’s brand into the digital world. The Shopify platform helped Ugly to drive online sales and expand into the US market.

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