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See, spark, shape and shift

Nesta | Brand film


Nesta is an innovation foundation based in the UK. The organisation acts through a combination of programmes, investment, policy and research, and the formation of partnerships to promote innovation across a broad range of sectors. 

Following their 2017 rebrand, Nesta approached us to create a film that is capable of increasing awareness for the new brand and communicating the vast and complex nature of their work. 


Communicating the broad spectrum of Nesta’s work while cultivating a sense of emotional empathy towards the new brand was a tricky challenge. 

We had to ensure that the subject matter was accessible to a broad audience, while remaining provocative and future-gazing enough to inspire. Avoiding academic jargon and themes that are too abstract or conceptual was crucial to achieving this. 

The film’s creative concept dramatises the essence of Nesta’s brand, using the new visuals and brand language  – ‘see, spark, shape and shift’ – to frame the narrative throughout. 


The film has been viewed over 30,000 times. 

It spotlights the real world innovators-for-good that Nesta has supported, these include: Oomph, an award-winning social enterprise that helps the wellbeing of vulnerable adults through imaginative exercise classes; the Hidden Museum app, which uses digital iBeacon technology to aid interaction with museum displays; CoderDojo, a global network that provides free coding clubs for young people; and Rethinking Parks, a programme which tested new approaches to raising income or reducing costs for public parks.

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