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A campaign to keep it wild

MSC | Keep it Wild


To mark the Marine Stewardship Council's 20th anniversary and a new brand refresh, the MSC developed 'Keep it wild' - an ambitious campaign idea to present the little blue label as the easiest, most trustworthy way for consumers to enjoy wild-caught, sustainable seafood. To help amplify the campaign, the MSC approached Nice and Serious to develop creative video content and a strategy to roll it out.


Using YouTube's Hero, Hub and Helpful model, we developed three streams of creative content. First, a short, inspirational Hero film transported audiences from the land out to the wild ocean, to help people appreciate the value of wild-caught seafood. The short, inspirational video was rolled out to a global audience in cinemas, TV commercials, social media and on the MSC's new website. Second, a series of 'Wild Ones' Hub videos showcased stories of inspirational people who are working hard to 'keep it wild'. From celebrity chefs, to Alaskan fishers, to pro windsurfers, the Wild Ones videos put a face to the campaign, giving it depth and authenticity. Third, a series of Helpful recipe videos were produced to guide and inspire audiences to cook sustainable seafood at home. The short social media videos each had a wild twist to help give consistency across the campaign.


The campaign was a huge success, helping the MSC to grow awareness and understanding of their label, to engage hundreds of partners and to gain new ambassadors. The Hero video alone was viewed over 6 million times, at a cost of less than 1p per view.

Video views 6,000,000+

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