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Co-op | Future of Food

A Recipe for Sustainability

Co-op | Future of Food


Co-op’s members and customers care about the future of the food they love. They care about healthy eating, honest labelling, recyclable packaging, food waste and British sourcing. Which is why Co-op launched their Future of Food ambition, to look at how they tackle those challenges up until 2030. Co-op approached Nice and Serious to design their Future of Food report and creative collateral for their launch event.


As with all of our projects, the team wanted to find a creative thread that would run through all of the design work. The ‘recipe for sustainability’ is about breaking down Co-op’s ambitious plan into its components, much like a recipe, to make it digestible for members and customers. A photo shoot then helped to provide us with a distinctive and striking style of photography to amplify the idea throughout the report design.

For the Future of Food launch event we produced a short, inspiring film which was screened in a large format in a tunnel to create an immersive experience for the audience entering the event space. The Co-op events team then used the photography and creative collateral to create a consistent look and feel to the event - bringing the recipe for sustainability idea to life.

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