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What does it mean to live well and how are we really living as a nation? To address this, Sainsbury’s asked more than 8,000 people to tell them how they’re living – from their relationships with family and friends, to whether they own their own home. Sainsbury’s asked Nice and Serious to think about how we could gather all this information to help their customers understand what really matters to them.


We developed a bright and optimistic identity for the campaign, including the Living Well Index “smile” logo and suite of lively characters who represent different life stage categories. We worked with Oxford Economics who developed the survey to distill the Living Well Index into a concise 10 question quiz that users can take online and see how they compare against the UK average and their life stage group. The survey asks customers to rate themselves on various factors, including quality of sleep to mental health. We built a microsite to house the quiz, and created an accompanying animation that explains why Sainsbury’s is hoping to understand what “living well” means to people across the UK today.


The identity, animation and website helped to gain significant media exposure for the launch of the Living Well Index. The identity helped to link the Living Well Index to Sainsbury's core brand, while making it feel like a robust index in its own right. The animation helped to communicate the story behind the Living Well Index in a clear, concise and accessible way. While the quiz helped provide an engaging and sharable element to raise awareness about the issues. 

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