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Centre for Ageing Better | Brand Identity

Showing the bigger picture of Ageing

Centre for Ageing Better | Brand Identity


The Centre for Ageing Better aims to bring about changes in society that enable more people to enjoy a good later life. Aside from a logo and primary brand colour palette, they lacked a distinct visual identity that would make their research publications stand out, and convey their personality and vision online and offline. Alongside the development of a brand identity, they asked us to provide templates and training to lay the blueprint for all of their communications going forwards. Often imagery around ageing can be health-focused, patronising or negative - we wanted to create a brand that would celebrate the benefits that older people can bring to society while also acknowledging the hardships they face.


We recognised that what sets Centre for Ageing Better apart from its peers is that they look at the bigger picture of Ageing: Firstly, by addressing important moments throughout a person's life, from childhood to older age. Secondly, by looking at all aspects of older age – the opportunities and highlights, as well as the struggles. And finally, by considering the whole person, not just one aspect of their life such as their health, wealth or career. We created a new visual identity centred around the idea of the “Bigger Picture”, including a unique photography and illustration style which encourage people to look twice and reconsider their preconceptions about later life.


Centre for Ageing Better has rolled out the new branding across their new website, and printed materials, which have been distributed at recent events.

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