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A film tackling the tough conversations around underage drinking

Heineken + Health Alliance on Alcohol | Conversations Can Change Lives


Heineken USA’s Health Alliance on Alcohol is a non-profit built to help parents play a positive role in their kids’ drinking decisions. They asked us to create a film that would broaden their reach with a concise message. But, they weren’t able to feature anyone under the legal drinking age in their communications, which made telling a teen’s story particularly challenging.


We knew the film needed to feel real and honest, something the documentary style accomplishes best. So we honed in on a simple thought to drive the narrative: a conversation can change a life.

With that front and center, we went in search of someone who’d struggled with—and overcome—teenage alcoholism; someone who could tell their story with perspective. After an exhaustive search we found Bryan Fitzgerald, an amazing individual who’d battled his way back from six years of alcohol and drug abuse.

Bringing his mother and father’s candid perspectives into the film let us connect the dots for parents: showing instead of telling how critical their involvement is in their kids’ decisionmaking.

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