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UNDP | Good Growth Partnership

Rebranding one of the world’s most ambitious sustainability programmes

UNDP | Good Growth Partnership


In an effort to limit deforestation in the supply chains in soy, beef and palm oil, UNDP initiated a multinational initiative to promote sustainability in commodity production. The program brings together some of the world’s biggest governments, NGOs and private sector actors on a scale never seen before with regards to the issue of sustainable agriculture.

They needed a brand identity that reflected the program’s scale and innovative approach, and a name that was accessible, politically sensitive and memorable.


After in-depth research of the organisations operating in the sustainability sector, we created a name that did justice to the project’s unique offering. The name, ‘The Good Growth Partnership’ reflected the dual-goal of the project: expanding agricultural growth and economic goals while creating positive change for the environment and farming communities they work with.

The branding included a name and strapline, logo, typefaces, colour scheme and social media assets. We also created a brand guidelines document to advise on the best use of design, photography and tone of voice.

For the launch of the project we also designed conference collateral such as a brochure, roll banners, lectern stands, name placeholders, ID badges and the stage backdrop.

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