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British Heart Foundation | Every Heartbeat Counts


Although the British Heart Foundation is one of the UK’s leading research charities, they are often mistakenly seen as an arm of the government or public health advisory body. The British Heart Foundation asked us to create a digital timeline that would encourage people to reflect on scientific advances related to the heart over the last 50 years and learn the crucial role they played in each one. 


We created an interactive timeline that tells the story of the British Heart Foundation through key moments in medical history. The timeline features a heartbeat counter which shows how many heartbeats the British Heart Foundation would have had if it were a person, at different points in time. This device is also used in conjunction with case studies that span the last 50 years, showing how many heartbeats each person had at the time of their heart disease.


The interactive timeline has formed a key part of the British Heart Foundation's online impact communications. In addition, it's also acted as a way to signpost users to other content hosted throughout their website via the embedded case studies. The timeline is an engaging, sharable piece of content that is helping the British Heart Foundation communicate it's life-saving impact to a wider audience. 

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