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Rekindling ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’

Dogs Trust | Christmas 2017 Film


Dogs Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK, caring for over 15,000 dogs every year. In 1978 they coined the now infamous slogan ‘A Dog is for life, not just for Christmas’. Sadly, 39 years later, the message is more relevant than ever. Dogs Trust continue to take in hundreds of dogs during the festive period, as people buy puppies as presents without considering the responsibilities of owning a dog. Ahead of the the 40th Anniversary of ‘A Dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ campaign, Dogs Trust wanted us to rekindle the message to make it relevant for 2017.


When dogs are brought into rehoming centers the Dogs Trust is given a reason as to why they are handed over, and the reasons that range from the understandable to the outrageous. We made a film that showed just how ridiculous some of these reasons are, by framing them as reasons why someone might break up with their partner. Made for social media, we encouraged people to watch what they thought were real life breakup stories before revealing that each character is actually talking to a dog they’ve abandoned. Using humour and a surprising twist, we made sure that the message that ‘A Dog is for life, not just for Christmas’, was as memorable as ever.

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