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An Ode To The British Weather

Ben & Jerry's | Blown Away


The British public are big fans of onshore wind power, yet our government would rather allow fracking than back up the most affordable renewable energy source. Under the new rules, it’s impossible for communities who want onshore wind to build it and, at the same time, those who don’t support fracking are powerless to stop it. So Ben & Jerry’s joined forces with UK climate change charity 10:10 to spread awareness of the issue and help get wind power the funding it deserves.


We produced An Ode To The British Weather, a short film which encouraged viewers to sign an online petition asking our government to stop blocking onshore wind power. The concept was centred around the nation’s obsession with our weather and how much Brits love to hate it. We decided to use real people, caught in extreme weather conditions, as it added authenticity and comedy to the film. We sourced all the video clips from wonderful British people who allowed us to use them in order to show their support and help our cause. This film wouldn’t have happened without them.   


The animation was shared across both Ben & Jerry’s and 10:10’s social media channels. With almost no media spend behind it, the video received over 250,000 views. This helped the petition to gain over 33,000 signatures, smashing the original target of 20,000. Ben & Jerry’s and 10:10 then delivered the petition to the UK Government, calling them to support onshore wind energy.

Views 250,000
Signatures 33,000

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