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A short about a digitally-driven future

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Every year, the Colchester Film Festival hosts the 60-hour film challenge, where teams of filmmakers have to write, shoot, and edit a short film in just 60 hours. Not an easy feat. Well, here at Nice and Serious we can’t resist a good challenge, so we signed up and gave it a shot. To make it more interesting, we decided to theme our film around an issue that is starting to affect a lot our society; increased reliance on digital products and services driving a disconnection between people.


On the first night we brainstormed and wrote. On the second day we filmed. And on the third day we edited. With no budget, a small team of talented actors and crew, and some long days, we produced a dark and moving piece that looks into the not-so-distant future and questions whether technological progress results in societal progress, or regression.


The film came second in the 60-hour film challenge at the Colchester Film Festival, beating thousands of other entrants. We distributed it online after the festival, and the film was hosted on various filmmaking websites.

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