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Helping Mars tell their sustainable sourcing story

MARS | What's it all Mean?


For for a company as big as Mars, sustainability isn’t simple. Behind each product is a complex global supply chain that relies on millions of farmers, processors and suppliers. But with this big challenge, comes an even bigger opportunity to make a positive impact. Which is why Mars is taking sustainability seriously. So to get things going, Mars wanted us to help communicate their sustainable sourcing strategy to their suppliers in a way that would get them interested and on-board.


Sometimes to get the attention of busy people you need to do something a little different. So we decided to tell Mars’ sustainable sourcing story through two animated characters; Fluffy the cat and Rex the dog. Fluffy and Rex explain how Mars’ customers expect products that are produced in a responsible way, so sustainability is more important than ever. The animated characters make the message feel more inclusive and approachable, without undermining the serious issues.


Mars is using the two minute animation as a core sustainability communications tool. So far it’s been used as in presentations to suppliers, it’s been uploaded to Mars’ YouTube channel and has been promoted to all 80,000 associated on Mars’ intranet. The animation has helped to set a recognisable style and tone for Mars’ sustainability communications going forward.

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