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The Comms Lab | Reclaiming Agency

Helping advertising agencies make the purpose turn

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The Comms Lab | Reclaiming Agency


Advertising agencies have a huge influence over society. But do they use their influence to do good? The Comms Lab exists to maximise the positive impact of the advertising industry on the world. They approached us to design their inaugural report ‘Reclaiming Agency’.


We worked with The Comms Lab to develop a visual concept to help bring the report together and to provide a graphical device to signpost the four areas of the report. Using the metaphor of navigating ships, we designed an eye-catching report to help encourage advertising agencies take ‘The Purpose Turn’.


The Comms Lab used the report to help start a movement within the advertising industry; bringing business owners and employees together to ask serious questions about the future of the industry. The report was distributed to everyone at the events and made available to download from The Comms Lab’s website.

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