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A film highlighting the need for better mental health support in children

The Anna Freud Centre | When I Grow Up


One in ten children between the ages of 5 and 16 have a mental health disorder, yet few of them get help they need. Not only does this devastate the lives of these children, it can also have lasting effects and prevent them from having a positive future. The Anna Freud Centre an organisation that wants to change this. However, they currently have limited resources to support the children that need it, and they desperately need a new Centre of Excellence to improve the care they can provide.


The Anna Freud Centre asked us to make a fundraising film that would highlight the desperate need for this new centre and encourage people to donate the necessary funds. We knew that this was a very emotive subject, and the best way to engage people was on an emotional level. So we decided to make a film that featured the beneficiaries of a donation; children. Using a child’s natural innocence and charm, we made a film that showed how a child’s dreams can come true when given the right start in life.


The film was shown at a high profile fund raising event where it helped encourage people to pledge their support for the new Centre of Excellence. The film was also featured on the organisation’s social media and Youtube channels, where it raised awareness of the need for better mental health support in children.

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