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An animation that shows the value of values

Sainsbury's | Our Story


Back in 1869, John and Mary Ann Sainsbury’s opened a small shop to give people quality food at fair prices. It was a shop with values. Since then, Sainsbury’s has grown into one of the biggest retailers in the UK, with values remaining at the heart of their business. So much so, they have put in place a set of sustainability targets they want to achieve by 2020. Sainsbury’s wanted a way to explain to their colleagues, suppliers and customers how their new corporate responsibility  strategy is linked to their company values.


We decided to create an animated story. A story of values. A story that took viewers from 1869 to the present day. Using a mixture of animation techniques and a poetic script, we explained the real value of having values.

The Impact

The animation was used as an engagement tool for all of Sainsbury’s colleagues, suppliers and stakeholders. It was also showcased on their website, social channels and shown to new colleagues as an introduction to the company. Considering that their values are spread across a variety of areas, from farming to communities, the animation wove these together in a short but compelling narrative.  The video has been viewed over 55,000 times on their YouTube channel and more than a quarter of a million times internally

Public views 55,000
Internal views 250,000

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