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IKEA | Live Lagom

Making a sustainability campaign distinctly Swedish

IKEA | Live Lagom


If you're the world's biggest furniture company, how do you use your reach to start helping your customers to live a more sustainable life? It's a question that IKEA had been asking themselves for a while and, with the help of Hubbub, they were about to start a big experiment to find out how. For the project to be a success IKEA realised that they needed a campaign identity to get their customers talking, which is where we came in.


We soon realised that we shouldn't be talking about sustainability. After all, the average person don't get excited about the word. After a bit of digging, we stumbled across the word 'lagom'. It's a uniquely Swedish word without a direct translation into English. In simple terms it means: not too much; not too little; just right. A bit like Goldilocks and the three bowls of porridge. It's a word that has deep connections to Swedish culture and we thought it did a pretty good job of cutting to the crux of sustainability. So, LiveLAGOM was born.


We designed a campaign identity and packaged it up in a handy campaign playbook to give the marketing team some pointers. As the LiveLAGOM project kicked off, customers in the pilot group quickly picked up the hashtag and started excitedly posting about their involvement in the experiment. The identity turned a sustainability project into an exciting, branded consuming-facing experiment.

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