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BITC | Futureproof

Showing businesses the value of young talent

BITC | Futureproof


There are 700,000 unemployed young people in the UK today. Many are caught in a trap. Lots of companies want a minimum of two years experience for an entry level job, so how do young people land their first post? It's a problem that Business in the Community (BITC) and City & Guilds Group (C&G) want to tackle head-on.


We started by conducting in depth research through focus groups and then developed a campaign strategy aimed at raising awareness of the benefits that young people bring to a company, instead of the issues unemployment creates. Building on expert advice developed by BITC and C&G, the FutureProof campaign was launched. We created a snazzy campaign identity to catch the eyes of HR teams; we developed a user-friendly website to direct users to practical resources; we produced a series of videos featuring case studies from businesses such as Barclays, EE and Capgemini to demonstrate the value that young people bring to their business; we also created a suit of social media graphics to bring key facts to life.


The campaign generated a huge amount of interest from UK businesses. It raised awareness of the youth unemployment crisis, and also brought attention to the range of tools and advice available on the Future Proof web hub to help businesses make the most of young talent.

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