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A film that cracks the surface of sustainability at Sainsbury’s

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In a rapidly changing world, companies need to evolve their sustainability strategies to ensure that they’re having a minimal impact on the world. A resource was plentiful 5 years ago may not be so plentiful today. Sainsbury’s is one of these companies that are reassessing how they approach sustainability. Their 20x20 sustainability plan, which was launched in 2011, had reached its halfway point and was being updated. To accompany its relaunch, Sainsbury’s wanted a film that would show how sustainability affected its suppliers, colleagues, and customers.

I trust them completely to always create compelling, quality communications, whatever the channel, that help us tell our stories.

Sarah Ellis, Head of Marketing Strategy, Sainsbury’s


Focusing the story around one of their sustainable products, the humble egg, we spent time with a customer, a supplier, and a colleague, getting to know them and how sustainability affects their lives. Filmed across the country, from a family-run egg farm in Scotland, to a young mother’s home in London, the film gives a broad perspective on Sainsbury’s updated sustainability plan, and puts it into context for those that it impacts.


The film was screened at Sainsbury’s 20x20 re-launch event to a room of Sainsbury’s colleagues and sustainability professionals. It was uploaded to the Sainsbury’s supplier portal where it was seen by all of Sainsbury’s suppliers. It was also distributed to Sainsbury’s 161,000 colleagues, and was shown to every new colleague joining the company. Overall it was estimated that it was viewed over 250,000 times.

Views 250,000+

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