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Bonsucro | Brand Identity

Creating a sweet new brand for a sustainable sugar certification

Bonsucro | Brand Identity


Sugar is the world's biggest agricultural commodity. It's a commodity that has a big impact on the environment and communities in which it’s grown. But it's a commodity that, if grown sustainably, can be a force for good. Bonsucro want to create a sustainable sugarcane industry. They do this through certifying sustainably grown sugar and providing a platform for the industry to come together to share ideas and best practice. Since it was founded in 2000, Bonsucro had evolved as a business, but its identity had remained the same. Bonsucro wanted a new brand identity to help communicate their purpose.


We started by running a brand workshop with key stakeholders to get a deeper understanding of their organisation and their partners. Armed with this insight, we developed a new brand identity and tone of voice to help move Bonsucro into their next phase of development. We created a flexible identity that works across digital and printed materials, as well as on products as a certification mark.


The new brand identity and tone of voice is being rolled out across Bonsucro's communications, helping them to articulate their brand in a more precise and pointed way.

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