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Compassion in World Farming | The Honest Farm Toy


Over 50 billion animals are reared in factory farms every year. With growing demand for cheap meat and dairy, ethical standards have gone out the window. The problems are plain to see, but shoppers are still too willing to turn a blind eye. Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) wanted to engage a new audience that hadn't been reached by farm welfare communications.


Our response was to design and build a new farm toy that reflects the true nature of most modern farms. ‘Your Farm' exists as a physical toy, as a product website and as a product video. Your Farm is a satirical way of representing factory farms across the world and the dangers that are associated with them. The product site was designed with a bold colour palette and a playful, childlike aesthetic. The website allows the user to personalise the farm, as well as play a series of satirical games which challenge them to pack in more animals, give animals antibiotics, clear rainforests for more food and brand the food in misleading ways. The user journey ends with the option to 'fix your farm', allowing the user to transform the toy into a high welfare farm, with better practices.

The toy farm is a compact lunchbox sized set, with space-saving compartments for cows, chickens and pigs, as well as antibiotics and feed. The cuboid animals fit together into grids with magnets and interlocking 3D-printed bodies. The player is encouraged to explore the farm set. They have the choice to keep the animals cramped up and drugged with antibiotics, or take advantage of the toy's clever reversible design and convert it into a higher welfare farm.


CIWF ask users to become #farmfixers and sign up to the petition which is aimed at global influencers, who can spread and implement CIWF's message to improve farming standards, gaining over 18,000 signatures. In addition to promoting the website across their social media channels, we created extra farm animals which CIWF posted to bloggers to encourage them to write about the website. 

Signatures 18,000

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