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A film that raises awareness of mental health

Nice & Serious | Living With It


Mental health issues are now estimated to affect 1 in 4 people, with that figure expected to rise over the coming years to a point where it will become the biggest health problem in the UK. Unfortunately, mental health is something that often goes unreported and untalked about, due to the stigma it has in society. Few of us fully understand it, many us are embarrassed by it, but all of us will, at some point, experience it either in ourselves or our loved ones.


To challenge these problems, we felt it was important to increase awareness about mental health issues in a more emotionally intense fashion, hopefully bringing viewers closer to the experience. This documentary film tells the story of a man from his idyllic childhood, through minor instances of paranoia, to the cases of paranoid schizophrenia which rapidly take hold of his life. To preserve the privacy of this man, we choose never to show his face, and rely on just his voice to create that connection with him.


In order to reach as many people as possible, the film was sent out to varied media outlets and was shared across social media. It gave the average person an insight into a complex and personal illness.

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