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An animation that shows the true value of nature

WWF | High Conservation Values


The truth is, we don’t put a value on our natural environment. Farms, forests and plantations give us food and essential products like timber, paper and fuel but they're also part of natural landscapes that are home to other species and provide vital services to people.  The High Conservation Value framework is a set of super important principles with protection and conservation at its very heart. WWF and the HCV Resource Network wanted us to create an animation to help policymakers better understand the value of nature.


We started by writing a script to appeal directly to the target audience - mainly high level government representatives and global policy makers. We wanted to talk about nature in their language, to help them really appreciate the value of conserving it. We then set about  creating a clean and clear style of animation, using a soft colour palette to build a sense of clarity and cohesion between the scenes.


WWF, the HCV Resource Network, the Nature Conservancy - along with support from SIDA, Tetra Pak, Solidaridad Network and RSPO - launched the animation and microsite at a high profile natural conservation event. After watching the animation, the website encourages companies and policymakers to step up and take action.

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