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An animation that shows the joy of adoption

Barnardo's | Family


Adoption is a life-changing experience for both parents and children, and can create positive futures for everyone concerned. But many families still don’t consider adoption as an option. Barnardo’s want to change that. They set us the challenge to raise awareness of the benefits of adoption for children and parents, and to make people aware of the support services that Barnardo’s can provide in the process.


We decided to create an animation. But it didn’t feel right to write a voice-over script. We felt that the only way to talk about adoption with integrity was to speak to someone who had gone through the experience themselves. So we interviewed a mother who had gone through the adoption process and we used her words to tell a powerful, emotional story.


The animation has been a useful communications tool for Barnardo’s as a way to reach out to prospective parents. After watching the film, people are encouraged to visit the Barnardo's website to get more information about the subject. The animation achieved media coverage across a range of outlets, reaching a wide audience. It’s now been viewed over 15,000 times on their YouTube channel.

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