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An interactive feature which explores the real story of palm oil

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The Guardian | The Real Story of Palm Oil


Palm oil has a big impact on the environment. Clearing virgin rainforest for palm oil plantations results in smog from the fires and the destruction of habitats. But it’s not the whole picture. The Guardian asked us to help them bring the story of palm oil to life through an in-depth, interactive feature. We spent weeks plotting the content with the team, with the aim of helping users understand the global supply chain and the many sides to this very polarised debate.


Using video, audio, infographics and photojournalism, we created a site that took the user on a journey, from virgin rainforest right through to their kitchen cupboards. The website allowed users to explore the issue and get a deeper understanding of the nuances. The interactive was funded by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to engage key opinion leaders in the palm oil debate.

The Impact

The site featured on the Guardian’s homepage, in the Sustainable Business and Environment sections of the website. In the first couple of months it received over 100,000 unique visitors with an average dwell time of over 3 minutes. It was also promoted on the Guardian's social media channels and has since had over 20,000 shares.

Visitors 100,000+
Social shares 20,000

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