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A film that put a face to cocoa farmers

Rainforest Alliance | The Man Behind Your Chocolate


Lots of cocoa farmers around the world work in terrible conditions. They get little money for their crop, struggle to support their families, and many of them don’t realise that the farming techniques they use can damage the environment, reducing the quantity and quality of the cocoa they grow. Rainforest Alliance tries to make life better for them. They improve their wages and help them take care of their local environment. Most people don't realise, however, the real difference that buying Rainforest Alliance certified products makes.


So we set out to find a cocoa farmer who could show us the difference that the Rainforest Alliance has made to his life. And boy did we! We were lucky enough to meet Adrian,  a wonderful and charismatic cocoa farmer from the Ivory Coast. We spent a week with him and his family, on the edge of the rainforest, learning how he sustainably farms cocoa, and runs the local football team! Rainforest Alliance called the film 'the face behind your chocolate'. Why? Because it's helped chocolate-lovers see the people and communities they support by buying certified stuff.


The film was splashed across their homepage and fired out across all their social media platforms to get people talking. Their supporters loved it. Who couldn't love Adrian? It's has over 30,000 views on YouTube and counting.

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