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A website that sees both sides of the smartphone

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The Guardian | How Sustainable is Your Smartphone?


Are smartphones sustainable? Good question. On one hand they've revolutionised how we communicate and they're kick-starting developing economies. But on the other, the mountains of minerals and metals needed to make them have a massive impact on communities and the environment. The Guardian wanted to show the whole picture.


So we worked with the Guardian’s wonderful journalists and developed an interactive website that sharply contrasts the good and the bad of mobile phones. The Guardian sent reporters around the world to investigate and we then built the website around their stories. We wanted viewers to explore. We wanted them to discover. We wanted them to make up their own mind. The website did just that.


The website was seen around the world. It was featured on the homepage of the Guardian website and is now one of the most viewed pages the Guardian Sustainable Business have ever published. But more importantly, it's made people think differently about smartphones.

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