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An animation that keeps an eye on global forests

WRI | Global Forest Watch


We hear a lot about deforestation. It's happening at an alarming rate. But when we find out about it, it's usually too late. This is where Global Forest Watch comes in. It's a mind-blowing website that lets governments, businesses, NGOs - in fact, anyone - see where deforestation is happening in near real-time. The World Resources Institute wanted to tell the world about their new system and explain how to use it.


We produced a swanky 3D explainer animation to show the functionality of the Global Forest Watch system. Through the short animation, we also communicated the impact the website could have in helping reduce deforestation around the world.


The animation was screened at the launch event of Global Forest Watch in front of a high-profile audience, including 40 CEOs. It's rumoured that Former Vice President of the United States Al Gore remarked “this is the most exciting thing I've seen in years." Since then over 40,000 people have watched the animation on the Global Forest Watch website.

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