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A website that made the world think differently about water

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Waterwise | Every Last Drop


Our Western lifestyles slurp a huge amount of water every day. From the clothes we wear, to the food we eat; water keeps everything afloat. But beyond filling the bathtub, we're disconnected from the impact water has on the environment. So we decided to partner with the charity Waterwise to create a website that changes how people think about water.


We believe that the best websites tell stories. So we based the whole website around a cute character. We then designed and built a parallax website that takes people through an average day in the life of our character; from waking up, getting dressed, taking a shower, hopping in the car and going into outer space. Users trigger the animation with the scroll of a mouse and reveal hidden stats in each scene, of course. We even made an accompanying animation that gives handy tips for saving water.


The website made a big splash. Since launching in 2013, it's had over a million unique visitors from across the world. It's won a string of web design awards, several communications awards, received a three page feature in .net magazine and was even nominated for a Webby. But more importantly, people have started talking about saving water - with over 20,000 likes on Facebook and thousands more tweets.

Visitors 1,000,000+
Social shares 20,000

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