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A series that shows how lives can change

PwC | Changing Lives


Sometimes it's hard to know the real impact that a company's corporate responsibility initiatives are having. Who are they helping? Are they really making a difference? This was an issue that PwC US wanted to overcome. They have a massive CR programme that supports fantastic charities around the US and they wanted to let their colleagues and customers know about it.


Enter Nice and Serious. When it comes to talking about real impact, we know that a personal story is best. And PwC US agreed. Told through a series of 6 inspiring and emotional short films, shot in 6 US states over the course of a month, Changing Lives documents the real and incredibly important impact they are having on people's lives. This film focuses on Tony, an amazing guy in Harlem who wants to change children’s attitude to food, showing them that tomatoes aren’t grown in the supermarket and worms are a  benefit.  


These films were spread to PwC's entire team and shared across their social media channels. They highlight the massive impact they are having to people that need support, and show that a corporation can look beyond its balance sheet and affect issues that really matter. They were viewed by over 100,000 people online.

Views 100,000

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