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Showing how solar can save lives

SolarAid | A Solar Solution


Millions of people in rural Africa still rely on Kerosene lamps to light their homes. Kerosene is expensive, it emits dangerous fumes, and the lamps can cause fatal accidents. SolarAid are trying to change this. Through their model of enterprise instead of aid, they are distributing solar lamps throughout rural Africa; changing the lives of millions of people. And they wanted our help to tell their story.


We started by working on the story. Numbers are important to show scale, but to motivate people to get involved, you need to form an emotional connection. We decided the story should be about technological progress; a story of how solar lamps protect families from harm; a story of how solar lamps bring light and prosperity to communities. Using this story we produced a 90 second animation with a warm and textured style and a voiceover provided by actress Myanna Buring.  

The Impact

The animation was used to launch a big fundraising event to encourage people to donate. It was used by SolarAid as a communications tool on their website and also promoted across their social media channels.

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