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Can you afford to swing a cat in London?

If you're a young Londoner, the chances are that you won't get to own property for many decades, if at all. The property market is out of control. It's why we decided to support Shelter's campaign to build more affordable housing in London.

But how to highlight the madness of the market? Well it's no longer a case of whether you can afford to live in London, but whether you afford enough space to swing a cat. So with a ruler, an average tabby, πr² and data from Zoopla we answered that age old adage. The results are astounding.

Catswing.io enables Londoners to enter their post code to find out how much it costs to swing a cat in their neighbourhood. Users can then compare the results to other areas in London, share the site and take action by signing the Shelter petition for more affordable housing.

For the more historically astute, the original expression refers to a cat and nine tails (a whip) not a furry feline. But when was the last time anyone swung a cat and nine tails? Exactly.

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