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Why we need more omnivorous curiosity

I find that the best ideas come from omnivorous brainstorms.

Let's say we get an animation brief through the door. By pooling the minds of our film, design, web development and animation team - we'll invariably gets the best results.

You may ask, what would a web developer know about an animation? Well the ideas they'll generate will stem from an entirely different knowledge base and cultural context. They won't be restrained by preconceived animation formats and, at very least, they'll spark a connection in someone else's mind that could give birth to a killer idea.

This is in the context of a creative agency, but the same principle of omnivorous curiosity applies to sustainability. There are some serious problems out there and all too often we see people looking at issues in silos. Clean-tech people talk to clean-tech people and attend the clean-tech conference. There are, of course, broader conferences out there, but why not be a bit more curious? Throw in some curve balls; mix designers with supply chain managers, coders with scientists and see what happens.

Collaboration isn't anything new, but we face some pretty complex problems that need creative solutions, fast. So break down barriers and create space for people to mingle; encourage omnivorous curiosity whenever you can.

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